World History Lesson Plans November 30

World History Lesson Plans November 30 – December 4
I. Introduce the Age of Discovery (Chapter 14 Section One)
Focus Question: How did the search for spices lead to global exploration?
 Understand European motivations for exploring the seas.
 Analyze early Portuguese and Spanish explorations.
 Describe European searches for a direct route to Asia
Vocabulary: Prince Henry, cartographer, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Line of Demarcation,
Treaty of Tordesillas, Ferdinand Magellan, circumnavigate
1. Discuss the factors leading to the Age of Discovery
2. Infographic-page 448-449
3. Biography-Henry the navigator, Ferdinand Magellan
4. Geography Interactive-page447
Homework-Map Activity (The Word During the Age of Discovery
II. Continue Age of Discovery-Take up homework
1. Map Activity-Global Explorations
2. Introduce Chapter 15-Section One
Focus: How did European colonization of the Americas shape global economies and societies?
How did a small number of Spanish conquistadors conquer huge Native American empires?
Vocabulary-page 472
Homework-Read Chapter 15 Section One and define/identify Terms, People, and Places.
1. Analyze the results of the first encounters between the Spanish and Native Americans.
2. Explain how Cortes and Pizarro gained control of the Aztec and Incan empires
-Interpret Primary Source (The Massacre in the Temple of Tenochtitlan)
3. Explain the short-term and long-term effects of the Spanish on the peoples of the Americas
-Write a paragraph
Homework: map Activity (Claims in the Americas, 1700s)
Focus: How did Spain and Portugal build colonies in the Americas?
 Explain how Spain ruled its empire in the Americas.
 Analyze the major features of Spanish colonial society and culture.
 Describe how Portugal and other European nations challenged Spanish power.
4. Vocabulary-page 477.
5. Students read Chapter 15 Section two and define /identify Terms, People, and Places on p.
6. Analyzing Viewpoints Worksheet (Juan de Solorzano y Pereyra & Bartolome de las Casas)
Homework Read Section Three and define/identify terms on p. 482
Focus: How did European struggles for power shape the North American continent?
 Explain why the colony of New France grew slowly.
 Analyze the establishment and growth of the English colonies.
 Understand why Europeans competed for power in North America and how their struggle
affected Native Americans
1. Outline the development of Jamestown
2. Discuss why the Pilgrims founded Plymouth
3. Compare/Contrast the founding of Jamestown with that of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay
4. Discuss the causes, events, and results of the French and Indian War.
5. Infographic-The Columbian Exchange pages 496-497
Homework: Read Section four and complete a map activity (Triangular Trade Routes)