Chapter 6 Lesson 1: The War for Independence Name: Period:

Chapter 6 Lesson 1: The War for Independence
1.Who were the two opposing sides in the American Revolution?
2.What was an advantage for the Americans during the American Revolution?
3. Loyalists, also known as _____________ were colonists who opposed independence.
4.Hessians were ______________ mercenaries, or hired soldiers, who fought for the British.
5. ______________was the leader of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
6.Which Patriot was executed for spying on Great Britain?
7.What American victory helped build morale during the harsh winter of 1776?
8. When the British captured Philadelphia, most members of the Continental Congress were
arrested. True or False
9. At the Battle of Saratoga, American forces surrounded British troops and forced British
what general to surrender?
10. Name three advantages that the British had at the beginning of the War.