Instructions: Go to this website (make sure to spell it correctly!!):
Then press “Launch the Game” and wait for it to load
Press the arrow for play then begin the game!!
Make sure to answer each of the questions in detail!
1. In which year and which country does the Viking Quest take place?
2. Where is the monastery?
3. Why is Froya a good place to start from?
4. Which ship did you build and why?
5. How long did it take you to build your ship?
6. What is the ‘keel’ of the ship?
7. What makes the sails waterproof?
8. What kind of mythical animal would you choose for the prow of your ship and why?
9. Why are berserkers good to bring with you?
10. Name two reasons why it is a good thing to surprise the monks.
11. Name all of the things you can raid from the monks.
Would you have wanted to be a Viking? Why or why not?