Year 3/4 Homework – Summer Term 2015
Please find below our homework menu for the autumn term. There is a list of activities for the whole
term for you to complete. You should aim to complete one activity per week but you can choose the
order you complete them in. There are a selection of literacy, maths and topic based activities for you
to choose from. You will be able to complete some of the activities independently and some will involve
working alongside an adult. As lots of the activities link to our topic ‘Settlers and Invaders’, you might
find these websites useful sources of information:
We would like you to use the book we are sending home to complete your homework in. Books will be
collected once a week, on a Wednesday, marked and returned by Friday. If you need more help,
please ask your teacher to explain the activity further. If you are struggling to complete your
homework then please ask us for help. Most of the activities can be adapted to make them more or
less challenging as appropriate.
If there are any comments that your parents would like to share with your class teacher, the HomeSchool Journal is the best way to do so. As always, any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Mrs Johnston
Mrs McGrath
Miss Taylor
Literacy and Topic
Remember to read for 20 minutes every day AND
complete a spelling activity
Viking collage
Think about an interesting Viking scene – here are
some ideas to help you:
• A longboat on a stormy sea
• A Viking farm
• The rainbow bridge between Midgard and
• A Viking raid!
A longhouse model
Think about the features of a longhouse (the fire in
the middle, a thatched roof, benches with animal skins)
and try to create a miniature version. Choose your
materials carefully!
We are going to be going on our class visit to Sutton
Hoo in Suffolk. Use books or the internet to research
why this is an important historical site.
Write a fact page about a Viking topic (e.g. travel,
lifestyle, communication)
Draw or paint a picture of a Viking God
Identify locations of Viking settlements around the
United Kingdom using a map.
Remember to practise your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 times
tables so that you know them.
Use the television listings from a newspaper, magazine or the
internet and create (cut & paste, cut out and stick in, draw a
table, etc) a table showing all the programmes on BBC1 from
9.30am until 2.00pm.
-Work out how long each programme lasts (in minutes).
-Which programme is on television the longest? How long
does it last?
-Which programme is on the shortest? How long does it last?
-How many programmes last longer than 45 minutes?
What is your favourite number? How many different ways
can you make this number? Can you make your favourite
number using different number operations, + x - ÷ (eg,
number 3, 1 + 1 + 1, 1 x 3, 4 - 1, 6 ÷2, etc)
Look around your home and count how many different 2D
shapes you can find. List 10 different objects and their
shape (eg, television – rectangle). Which shapes have right
angles? Draw the object and show the right angle
Roll a rectangle of paper (newspaper, magazine pages, etc)
into a tube and use paper clips, staples or sticky tape to join
the edges together. Try using different sized rectangles
and see what the cylinders look like.
Can you add up all the ages of the people who live in your
house? What other calculations can you do using these
If the answer is 100, what could the questions be? You can
be as creative as you like with your answers!