My viking project by Katie

My Viking Project
By Katie Byrne
Clothes For Girls
• Viking women wore a
long linen dress.
• Over the dress they
wore a long woolen
tunic, a little like an
Mens Clothes
• Viking men first put
on a long woolen shirt
and long cloth
• On top of this was
worn a sleeved jerkin
or a three-quarter
coat with a belt.
Kids and their Games
The children would not
study and they would
help their mothers with
the house chores
including farming. When
they were very young,
they would stay inside
mostly because most
parents prevented them
from going outside
because of the weather
Viking Houses
• Only a few Vikings
lived in towns. Most of
them lived in the
country in
Longhouses. The
longhouse had
usually one large
Displays of wealth were also seen
in the jewellery worn by both men
and women. Often made of
copper, bronze, silver or even
gold, the Vikings loved jewellery,
particularly heavy twisted bangles
and neck torques. They would
wear necklaces of amber and/or
coloured glass beads as well as
pendants, many of which
represented the Gods. Often they
would sew expensive braid –
known as tablet weaving – to the
hems, collars and cuffs of their
best tunics.
Children wore similar clothes to
their parents, although they were
plainer and obviously smaller
The long-ship is a
graceful, long, narrow,
light, wooden boat
with a shallow draft
hull designed for
speed. The ship's
shallow draft allowed
navigation in waters
only one metre deep
and permitted beach
• The Vikings were people
from Scandinavia who
began around the 400s
AD to make frequent
raids by boat into Europe,
even going into the
Mediterranean Sea and
raiding Sicily and
southern Italy. The
Vikings began attacking
the Atlantic coast of
southern France around
400 AD, and also the
eastern coast of England
The Battle of Clontarf
• The battle of Clontarf
took place on the 23
April 1014
• between the forces of
Brian Boru and the
forces led by the King
of Leinster
Quiz Time
Did women were long or short dresses?
Did children go to school ?
What where Viking houses called?
Where Viking longboats narrow or wide?
Where did Viking people come from?
What date was the battle of Clontarf?