Chapter 5-Study Guide

Chapter 5: Study Guide-Answer Key
1. True or False: Before 1760, the colonies had assemblies that passed laws.
True. The colonies had assemblies that passed laws before 1760.
2. Who gained territory in North America as a result of the French and Indian War?
Great Britain
3. Who benefited from the Proclamation of 1763?
American Indians
4. True or False: The British government had a large war debt.
True. The British government had a large was debt due to the French and Indian War.
5. Who formed the Sons of Liberty?
6. Why was the name Boston Massacre given to the events of March, 5 1770?
To create anti-British sentiment.
7. What was the effect of The Townshend Acts?
Boycott of British goods.
8. What did the colonists resent most about the Stamp Act?
They had no representatives to vote on the tax.
9. What was Great Britain’s response to the Boston Tea Party?
The Intolerable Acts.
10. In which way did Great Britain increase its control of the colonies?
It required that colonists pay taxes.
11. What was a goal of the First Continental Congress?
To find a solution to the conflicts with Great Britain.
12. Describe how the colonists viewed themselves in 1774.
They saw themselves as citizens of their individual colonies.
13. How did Parliament respond to the colonists’ protests against the Stamp Act?
They repealed the Stamp Act.
14. How did many of the Loyalists view the Patriots?
As ungrateful rebels.
15. What did the colonists consider an act of tyranny?
The Proclamation of 1763.
16. What became evident when the colonists and British troops clashed at Lexington and
The colonists were willing to fight for a right to govern themselves.