Quiz 2: The King of England tries to Tighten his
1. The British ruler was called the
2. Many Americans disobeyed the law called the
Proclamation of 1763 and moved across the
________________________ to the west.
3. In 1764 the British passed a law that forbid
colonists from printing ________________________.
4. The Stamp Act was a law which placed a tax on
5. The group of British people who made the laws were
called the ________________________.
6. By "No taxation without representation" the
colonists meant:
A. They didn't want to pay any taxes to the
B. The taxes they had to pay were much too
C. They had no say in deciding what would be
taxes and they didn't want to be taxed until
they did have a say.
D. They wanted the taxes to be higher.
7. In October of 1765 a group of people from nine
colonies met in New York City to talk about the
8. Repeal means ________________________.
9. In 1767 the British passed the
________________________ Act which put taxes on paint,
glass, tea, and paper.