Meiosis Book Notes

Meiosis Book Notes
Use Pages 272 through 275 to answer the following questions.
1. What is interphase?
2. Interphase occurs in both mitosis and meiosis. Are they the same? Why or why
3. Each chromosome is given a special name. What is it?
4. Is a cell in prophase similar to a cell in prophase in mitosis? How?
5. What happens in prophase I that is unique to meiosis (didn’t happen in mitosis)?
6. What is a tetrad?
7. Since the sister chromatids pair so tightly when they are tetrads, what happens?
8. What is the average crossover rate for humans?
9. In metaphase I, how are spindle fibers used? Is this like it was in mitosis?
10. What happens when anaphase I begins?
11. Do the contromeres split here as they do in anaphase in mitosis? Why or why
12. What happens in telophase I?
13. Why does each cell have only half of the genetic information of the original cell?
14. What phases are included in meiosis II?
15. Are they just like the ones in meiosis I? Why or why not?
16. What does haploid mean?
17. What does diploid mean?
18. Are the cells made in meiosis diploid or haploid? How do you know?
19. Are the cells made in mitosis diploid or haploid? How do you know?