Mitosis/Meiosis FRQ

Mitosis/Meiosis FRQ
(Test AND lab grade!!): Be certain to be thorough in your answers!!
1. a. (40 points) Design an experiment to test a hormonal or environmental effect on
onion root tip growth. Be certain to include a detailed explanation of your
expected results. Also describe at least one other hormone and one other
environmental effect that you could have tested (you don’t have to write a whole
other experimental design for these two, just list them and what effect you might
expect them to have.)
b. (20 points) Compare and contrast the processes of mitosis and meiosis. Be
certain to include purpose, number of chromosomes throughout the process,
number of divisions and number of cells produced.
c. (20 points) Choose one non-animal life cycle and explain how mitosis and
meiosis are used in alternation of generations and reproduction.
d. (20 points) Explain the importance of mitosis and meiosis in the maintenance
of genetic variation.