Heart Webquest - Teacher Pages

Heart Webquest
Use the following websites to answer the questions below
1. Label the parts of the heart shown below. The first two websites will have diagrams of
the heart.
2. What is the approximate size and location of the human heart?
3. Why is the blood in the right atrium low in oxygen?
4. What does the tricuspid valve do?
5. Where do the pulmonary arteries lead to?
6. What does the blood get rid of in the lungs?
7. What does the blood pick up in the lungs?
8. How does the blood get from the lungs back to the heart?
9. What is the aorta?
10. Why does your heart have a sound?
11. Each day how many times has the average heart beat?
12. How much blood does the average heart pump per day?
13. What is the pericardium?
14. What are the two upper chambers of the heart?
15. What are the two lower chambers of the heart?
16 How many miles of blood vessels does the average person have?
17 How many times per day does the blood go through the circulatory system?
18. Use the third website listed above to find out how many times your heart beats in