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HAVE A HEART!- Grade 4 February is Heart Month and a good time
to learn about your heart, exercise habits, and diet. Visit the web sites
below the questions to find the answers.
1. Go to Grolier. In the FIND IT FAST box, type Physical Fitness and click SEARCH.
Click on  Physical Fitness. A) What are the three parts of fitness discussed in our PE
class? B) What are the three parts of fitness listed in the article? C) Which one is
different? D) Count your pulse- what is your heart rate for a minute. E) What are the two
important factors to think about when you choose a new physical activity?
A) ______________________ ______________________ ______________________
B) ______________________ ______________________ ______________________
C) __________________________________ D) _______________________________
E) __________________________________ __________________________________
2. A) What are the two main messages of My Plate? B) What are the food groups in the
food plate? C) What part of the plate should be taken up with fruits and vegetables? D)
What are three sources of protein?
A) _____________________________________________________________________
B) _______________________________ ____________________________________
____________________ ___________________________ _____________________
C) _______________________________
D) __________________ ___________________________ _____________________
3. What is your heart’s job?_______________________________________________
4. What are the valves that control the flow of blood as it leaves the heart?
___________________________________ __________________________________
5. What is the movement of the blood through the heart and around the body called?
__________________. How long does it take to pump blood to every cell? __________
6. What does the left side of your heart do? ____________________________________
7. What does the right side of your heart do? ___________________________________
8. How do you keep your heart happy?
a) _____________________________________________________________________
b) _____________________________________________________________________
c) _____________________________________________________________________
d) ___________________________________________________________________
e) ___________________________________________________________________
Learn More: Go to The Virtual Body at
and choose – English. Click Human Heart and learn about the parts of the heart. Then draw
the blood flow path, and label the heart anatomy diagram on the back.
Other sites include:
Draw the Path of Blood Flow- (Use blue to connect numbers 1 to 7 and red to connect numbers 8 to 14)
Label the Heart’s Parts- Put the correct number in the box to match the term from the Word List with the body
From Body
To Body
To Lungs
From Lungs
Word List
1. Aorta
2. Bicuspid Valve
3. Left Ventricle
4. Left Atrium
5. Pulmonary Arteries
6. Right Ventricle
7. Right Atrium
8. Septum
9. Tricuspid or Mitral Valve
10. Pulmonary Valve