Assignment 1

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BIS 314 Business Applications
Assignment One
Mark = 10
Due Date: 26 March 2008
Here is a sample case study:
Beiersdorf is the business behind the well-known NIVEA brand. It uses market research to help reach
its goals. One of these is to be as close to consumers as it can. Market research is the way in which it
finds out about the needs of its customers and the market.
It is carried out by collecting and analyzing data. It helps Beiersdorf to meet its customers' needs. This
helps to keep the business a success. Research is linked into new product development to meet needs.
The marketing team uses the outcomes of the research for new product ideas. A number of product
concepts emerged and the team needed to see which was strongest.
To test this, quantitative research (where returns can be measured) was carried out. The new product
was tested by a target group of customers for a week to gain their views. Concepts tested were:
 The core benefits of the product. Did it work well with all skin types?
 Additional benefits. These include the calm effect to the skin.
 How closely linked the product was to the target market.
 The 'winning' concept is used for further progress. The team tested names, how it should be
packaged and price.
After the tests, NIVEA's results were good. NIVEA Pearl and Beauty was added to the range of
products. The next stage was to advertise the product. This required even more research to make sure
adverts are effective. Even after the product was launched, research still goes on to track sales and
To be a success, Beiersdorf needs to market new products. These are based on its insights into
consumer needs. Careful research and product testing mean that launches are a success. This keeps
both customers and investors happy.
Do not use the above case study, but in a similar way, develop a realistic case study and
think of one problem or opportunity that is of vital importance and do the following
Provide an overview of your organization
Conduct a SWOT analysis for the company chosen in your case study by identifying the
following key pieces:
a. What are the firm’s key strengths and weaknesses?
b. What are the major threats in their external environment?
c. What are their opportunities?
Based on the results of your SWOT analysis, identify a certain managerial problem that is
faced by your organization. Provide an overview of the decision problem (at least 6 lines).
Create a local scenario for your problem (at least 5 statements). Remember that to do so you
have to:
a. Identify the managerial variables (decision, output, environmental) (at least 5
b. Identify self-imposed and/or environmental-imposed constraints (at least 5
Now send your problem to your modeler and ask him to use a spreadsheet to model your
business problem and provide you with some analysis and course of actions, so that you can
make your decision.
In order to proceed with the modeling, you will have to perform the following:
a. Conceptualization
b. Verbalization
c. Formalization
d. Scenario Analysis
e. Charts
f. Some analysis on your chart and scenario analysis (at least 3 lines)
Based on the model, as a manager, do you think you can take a decision? Explain.
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