Possible Final Exam Essay Questions

Possible Final Exam Essay Questions
Prepare to answer all of the following. Any two will be on your class’ exam; you will
then be able to pick one.
1. Compare the influence in psychology of each of the ‘independent’ thinkers
cited in this course: Gardner, Watson, Skinner, Piaget and Freud. Which of
these individuals do you think has been more influential in (a) academic
psychology and (b) ‘folk’ or ‘everyday’ psychology (for example, as discussed by
‘people in the street’), and why?
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of communication in the central
nervous system compared with the digital computer?
3. What are the possible factors underlying obesity?
4. What are the major developmental changes that occur during the school years?
5. Review the material presented in Modules 6 – 9 to address the extent to which
developments that occur during life can be conceptualized as (a) gradual or (b)
stage-like. (though not studied in the course do look over Module 9 Adulthood)
6. Discuss Gardner’s and Sternberg’s theories of intelligence. How are they
similar, and how do they differ from each other? Which do you believe is more
convincing and why?
7. Discuss how one might assess different psychotherapies. Which
psychotherapies appear to be the most effective?
8. To what extent has our understanding of the human mind/brain improved our
lives compared to life 150 years ago?