AP Psychology Summer Work 2014-1015

AP Psychology
Summer Work 2014-1015
1. Check out textbook from the library.
Psychology - Myers, 7e.
2. Read and outline Prologue and Chapter 1 by the
first day of class in August/September. Outlines
should be 2-3 pages minimum. Worth 100 points ea.
3. Use the Internet to write a 1-page biography on each
of the following people. Include their main
contributions to the field of Psychology*. 30 points
a. B.F. Skinner
b. Sigmund Freud
c. Carl Rogers
*must cite at least 2 different URL’s (web addresses)
4. Highly recommended - Obtain a copy of any one of
the following Study Guides before start of school year:
a. Crash Course AP Psychology
b. 5 Steps to a 5
c. Princeton Review
d. Kaplan’s AP Psychology
e. Barron’s AP Psychology
New books are usually less than $20 and used
copies are often less than $10. Amazon.com or any
bookstore will have or can order for you.