Rent- 420 shared with 2 roommates- my
share is 140
Food- 100 my share
Car Insurance- 80
Car Payment- 100
Student Loan Payment- 150
Entertainment- 50 my share
Renters Insurance- 20
Utilities- 100 my share
Cable television- not going to have it
Cell phone bill- 50 my share
Clothes- 100
Salary- 1500.
All together would be 965 per month.
How about helping
others for a
Amanda Brown
History for being a therapist.
When the Roman Empire fell,
middle agers; saw the returning of
mental illness, and the torture to gain
confessions of demonic possession.
Some of the physicians supported the
use of psychotherapy. Paracelsus,
(1493-1541) used psychotherapy as a
treatment for the insane.
The English psychiatrist
Walter Cooper Dendy was the first to
introduce psycho-therapeia in 1853.
Freud’s, work with neurotic patients
led him to believe that mental illness
was the result of keeping thoughts or
memories in the unconscious.
Treatment, primarily listening to
patients and providing interpretations
would bring these memories to the
forefront and thus decrease
symptoms. For the next fifty years,
Freud’s methods of psychoanalysis and
various versions of it were the main
psychotherapy used in clinical practice.
Around 1950’s the growth of American
psychology led to new, more active
therapies that involved the
psychotherapeutic process.
The practice of behavioral
psychology borrowed principles from
animal psychology to treat emotional
and behavioral problems.
Famous Therapists.
William James, he is referred
to as the father of American
psychology. His 1,200 page text, The
Principles of Psychology, became a
classic on the subject and his
teachings and writings helped establish
psychology as a science.
Erik Erikson, stage theory of
psychosocial development helped
create interest and research on human
development through the lifespan. An
ego psychologist who studies with
Anna Freud, Erickson expanded
psychoanalytic theory by exploring
development throughout the life
including events of childhood,
adulthood, and old age.
Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist
whose research on conditioned reflexes
influenced the rise of behaviorism in
psychology. Pavlov’s experimental
methods helped move psychology away
from introspection and subjective
assessments to objective measurement of
Social Workers- education you need is a master
degree. The work environment is usually spend
most of their time in an office or residential
facility, but also may travel locally to visit
clients, meet with service providers, or attend
meetings. Salary is between $45,000 and
$62,000 a year.
Counselors- education you need is a master
degree. The work environment School
counselors work in public and private schools.
Career counselors work in colleges, government
agencies and career centers, and private
practices but per year they probably get about
Mental Health Provider/Counselors. - Education
is a master’s degree; work environment is
private areas, or a mental care center. Salary is
about 11,000-52,000
Nurse Case Managers- education is needed to
complete a two year Associate in nursing degree
environment is in a hospital, rehabilitation,
private areas, and nursing homes. Etc. salary is
between $44,190 and $95,130, with a median
annual salary of $64,690.