Quick Guide to Oviatt Library's Homepage: http://library.csun.edu

Quick Guide to Oviatt Library’s Homepage: http://library.csun.edu
1. This central search box has several tabs that will help you look for different things.
 Use the “Catalog” tab to search to search the library’s catalog for books, dvds/videos, music and other
things. To start, type your topic in the box and choose “Keyword” from the search type drop-down box.
 The “Articles” tab takes you to a general Multisearch of 4 article databases. For a more detailed list of
databases by subject area, click the “Find Articles & Research Data” link above.
 “Periodicals” tells you which magazines, newspapers and journals we have in the library or online.
 “Digital Collections” searches mainly for images from our Special Collections.
 “Library Web” is useful if you need to find a particular web page on the library’s website.
2. Browse our online databases to find individual articles by subject area. It’s a great place to get started if
you’re not familiar with all the databases.
3. If you already know the database you’re looking for, click here to get an A-Z list of all our online databases.
4. Learn the basics of doing library research.
5. See how to cite your research in MLA and APA format! Learn about Endnote Web.
6. Need research help from a librarian? You can come to the reference desk, call us, email us, or learn how to
chat with a librarian online 24/7.
7. If the library doesn’t own a book or article you need for your research, we can still try to get it for you from
another library. Use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) link to try this
8. This links to statistics, economic data, legal information, and other information produced by federal, state,
local and international governments
Research Worksheet—Find Articles- Health Sciences
Books on cross cultural nursing may have a
Chapter on your culture with a good bibliography.
Leininger, Madeleine M., and Marilyn R. McFarland. 2006. Culture care
diversity and universality: a worldwide nursing theory. Sudbury, MA: Jones and
Bartlett. Floor 4 Reserve RT86.54 C85 2006
Spector, Rachel E. 2004. Culture care: guide to heritage assessment and health
traditions. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Floor 4 East
Reserve RA418.5 T73 S643 2004
Spector, R. E. (2004). Cultural diversity in health & illness. Upper Saddle River,
N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Floor 4 East Reserve
RA418.5 T73 S64 2004
Many more books on Floor 3 and several online books also
Key concepts or search terms:
Types of sources needed (check all that apply):
Scholarly Journal Articles
Boolean Searching Tip: AND vs OR (and truncation)
Use AND between terms to narrow your search
e.g. transcultur* OR cross cultural * or culture*
Use OR and/or truncate (*, ?) words to broaden your
e.g. child* (will find child, children, etc.)
child* OR teen* OR adolescen*
(check online help for correct truncation symbol)
MultiSearch Information Sources and /or Databases searched:
Medical Subject heading as well as keyword searching
[place] -ethnography e.g. Iran-ethnography OR Iranian americans
same as PubMed
CSUN Oviatt Library Catalog (transcultural or cross cultural or culture*) AND (medicine or nurs*)
Librarian: Marcia Henry, Health Sciences Librarian
Email address/phone number of Librarian: Email: [email protected] Phone:(818)677-3012