Library & Learning Center Services for Students

Library and Learning Center Services for Students
Q. When is the library open?
A. Monday – Thursday 7:30am-8pm
Friday - Sunday
Check online for special hours during
holidays and college breaks. The book drop,
located outside the library doors, is always
open. You are welcome to return items
there whenever the building is open.
Q. How do I get a college ID/Library
A. Your photo id/library card is a permanent
card but should be updated in the library
each semester. Stop by the library and have
your picture taken. Bring photo
identification such as a driver’s license with
you. IDs/Library cards usually take no more
than fifteen minutes.
Q. What is in the library?
A. We have several hundred books,
periodicals, DVDs, and audiobooks in the
library. Your library card number can also
be used to download e-books and audios
from the public libraries. From the catalog,
you may also request books and other
materials to be sent to Atascocita. The
databases give you access to thousands of
eBooks and millions of electronic journal,
magazine, and newspaper articles.
Q. Do you have a webpage?
A. Yes:
Q. Can I print?
A. Yes, you can print from any library
computer. Print cards cost $0.50 initially and
then $0.10 for every page you need to print.
The print card vending machine only takes
dollar bills - no coins or debit cards so
please remember to bring money with you.
The printer prints black and white, singleside only.
Q. Can I scan documents in the library?
A. Yes. There is a scanner available for
student use in the library. You can save
your documents to a flash drive or email
them to yourself.
Q. How can a librarian help me with my
A. If you can’t find what you’re looking for,
contact a librarian. The Reference
Librarians are experienced researchers who
will help you learn how to find the
information you need and evaluate it for
authority and relevance. In addition to
research techniques, they know how to
refine a topic, format a paper, do proper
citations and recognize improper grammar.
If you need more in-depth assistance,
writing and math tutors are available in the
library. Ask a librarian for the tutoring
Reference and Circulation: [email protected]; 832-775-0816
Q. May I eat and drink in the library?
A. Covered drinks are permitted if they do
not leak when tipped over. We ask that you
refrain from eating in the library.
Q. How can I contact a librarian?
A. You will find librarians on duty whenever
the library is open. You may come to the
library for help, call us 832-775-0816, or
email [email protected]
We also have a Chat reference service
accessible from most library web pages.
Q. What is a database?
A. A database is a collection of information.
Most library databases are collections of
articles from magazines, newspapers,
and/or journals. We also have specialized
databases for film, electronic books, and
combinations of media. Your instructors
may bring you into the library for a research
instruction session in which you learn how
to navigate the databases. You can also
stop in any time for one-on-one help.
Q. What is the consortium all about?
A. We share our library catalog with
Montgomery County Memorial Library,
Harris County Public Library, and, of course,
all of the Lone Star Colleges. You can use
your library card from LSC-Atascocita to
check materials out at other libraries, and
you may return other library materials to our
library if it’s more convenient for you.
Q. Is there a place for silent or group
A. Yes, the library has two study rooms
available for either silent or group study.
You are always welcome to reserve one of
these rooms ahead of time if you know you
will need it on a certain day/time.
Q. I have a question but I’m not sure if
the librarian can answer it.
A. Ask! Even if the librarian does not know
the answer immediately, he/she will find
someone who does.
Q. The librarian looks busy on the
computer. Am I interrupting him/her if I
go up and ask a question?
A. Not all. We want you to come up and ask
us questions. Never ever be shy about it. As
long as we are not helping someone else at
that moment, we will drop what we are
doing in order to help in any way we can.
You are our top priority.
Q. My instructor wants me to “cite” my
sources but I have no idea how to do
that. Can you help?
A. Yes! No matter where you are in the
research process, the librarians can help
you. The librarians are experienced with
citation styles and are glad to help you find
and cite your sources.
Q. How do I use the databases from off
A. The library webpage will link to the
catalog, databases and assignment guides.
Databases are accessible off campus by
logging in with your library card number.
Reference and Circulation: [email protected]; 832-775-0816