World History Final Review Sheet

World History Final Review Sheet
_________________________ opened Japan to Western trade and influence in 1853.
The Prince, written by _________________________ was a book about politics during the Renaissance.
An ______________________ is a government which is ruled by a few.
The practice by which secular rulers chose church officials and gave them the symbols of their office is called
The Vikings were made part of the European civilization by the _________________________ who settled and
converted them to Christianity.
The slaughter of European civilians, including European Jews, by the Nazis is called __________________.
The chief reasons for European exploration is ____________, _____________________, and ___________.
The _____________________________ is the period of political tension following WWII.
Mao Zedong was convinced that a Chinese revolution would be driven by _________________________
Mohandas Gandhi protested British laws by practicing ______________________________________.
The Tokugawa dynasty was responsible for the Great Peace, which was a time period the _______________
became the managers of the lands of the ____________________________.
______________________ led Muslim forces to retake Jerusalem from the crusaders.
Lutheranism and Calvinism agreed on most doctrines except _______________________________.
Otto von Bismarck and Emperor Meiji used ________________________________ to unify their respective
The _________________________________ was signed after WWI and thought by many Germans to be too
The ____________________________ was designed to restore the economic stability of European nations after
According to Islamic belief, Muhammad is _________________________________________.
The Zhou dynasty ruled China because it claimed to have the _____________________________________.
The samurai lived by the strict code, Bushido, which was based on _____________________ to the samurai’s
The immediate cause that triggered WWI was the _______________________________________________
_______________________________ is the code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold.
The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice in order to delay the ________________________________________
The Bay of Pigs refers to the ________________ attempt to overthrow the ____________________________.
Napoleon’s rise to power succeeded because he restored order after the _______________________________.
The belief that Europeans had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive peoples is called ___________
Voltaire and other philosophes believed that the universe was ________________________________.
Suyleyman the Magnificent received his name because he unified _______________________________ under
the Ottoman Turkish Empire.
Serfs were different from peasants in that serfs were ___________________________ to the land upon which
they worked and lived.
Under the leadership of __________________________ the Bolsheviks became a party dedicated to violent
Copernicus, Galileo and Newton influenced the ___________________________________ during the
It was through the Muslim world that Europeans were able to rediscover the works of
___________________________ is remembered for his law code.
The Imperialistic policies of England, France and Japan all relied on the _________________________,
________________________________, and _________________________ domination over the local people.
WWI was a _____________ war.
Homer’s two epic poems were ______________________ and _________________________.
____________________ was the first Protestant faith.
The Truman doctrine stated that the U.S. would provide __________________ to nations threatened by
Communist expansion.
The Phoenician alphabet was the basis for the ________________________________.
The Warsaw Pact sought to create a military alliance between the ___________________________ and various
Merchants and artisans living in walled cities came to be called _____________________________.
The Silk Road was the _________________ between the Roman Empire and China.
In 1206 Temujin was elected Genghis Khan after which he ______________________________________.
The Inquisition was the court created by the Catholic Church to _____________________________________.
Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire became known as the _____________________________
in WWI.
The most important gift a lord could give a vassal was _________________________.
Leonardo da Vinci was a __________________, ________________, ________________ and _____________.
Farming in ancient Mesopotamia resulted in an abundance of food which enabled
In Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s concept of a social contract the entire society agrees to be governed by its
The ________________________ brought by the Crusaders to Europe allowed for easier ocean navigation.
Emperor Kangxi and the ________________ dynasty were tolerant of other religions, including Christianity.
The Black Death killed 38 million people, resulting in severe __________________________________.
At the Yalta Conference the Allies agreed to the establishment of the _________________________________.
On Dec. 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked __________________________________.
The greatest period of peace and stability within the Roman Empire is known as the _____________________.
The use of ____________________________________ caused the U.S. to join the Allies in WWI.
The Berlin Wall was built in order to prevent East Germans from defecting to __________________________.
As a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Great Britain gained control of _________________ and __________
The Mogul Empire was stretched to its farthest boundaries by ______________________.
Under Shah Abbas the Safavid dynasty reached its ____________________________.
John Hay proposed the __________________________ policy for China.
Judaism differed from other religions of the time because it was ___________________________ while others
were __________________________.
The first written governmental document of the U.S. was the __________________________________.
Sputnik I made Americans fear that the __________________ was ahead of the U.S. in the production of
The name for the journey of slaves from Africa to America was called ______________________________.
Literature written in the language of everyday speech is called _____________________________________.
John Locke suggests that people were molded by their ___________________________.
The _________________ made Japan one of the major political powers of the world.
The rise of ___________________ and the use _____________________ were common to the Industrial
Revolutions of Germany, England and Japan.
The publication of Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis attacked the _________________________________.
Christian humanists believed that if people read the basic works of ________________________ they would
become more pious.
Two days after Hitler’s invasion of ________________________, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
The Magna Carta was a document that was used to limit the power of the ________________________.
The Ottoman’s expanded their control in the fourteenth century, taking over the _____________________ and
the _________________________________.
Vasco de Gama’s discovery of a route to India by sea proved to be very _________________________.
The Aztec accepted the Spanish because they took the __________________________ of the Spanish to be a
sign from Quetzalcoatl that was returning.
The Russian word perestroika describes the reform of Gorbachev meaning ________________________.
The revolutions of England, U.S., France and Haiti all were consequences of exploration of rulers through the
idea of __________________________.
______________________________ went to his grave believed he had discovered a new passage to Asia,
instead he had discovered the Americas.
The Safavid rulers supported the Shiites because they believed that Shah Ismail was the successor to the prophet
The conquests of Alexander the Great created the _________________________________.
The purpose of Stalin’s 5 year plan was the transform the USSR economy from _______________________ to