The Ottoman Empire

AIM: How did the Ottoman Empire become so
Do Now: How can religion be used to help
strengthen an empire? Explain.
HW: “The people think of wealth and power as the
greatest fate.” – Do you agree or disagree? Explain
in at least 10 sentences.
The Ottoman Empire
I. The Ottomans
1. Nomadic group of Turkish people.
2. Originally from central Asia.
3. Emerged as rulers of the Islamic world.
II. Ottoman Empire
1. The Fall of the Byzantine Empire
A. Ottomans capture Constantinople (1453)
2. Cut trade with Europe & Asia.
A. Made it difficult for Europeans to pass.
3. Conquered Egypt & North Africa.
4. United Muslims under one rule.
Suleiman the Magnificent
I. The Rule of Suleiman
1. Muslim ruler from 1520-1566.
2. Named the “Lawgiver”.
3. Established & enforced strict laws.
A. Based on the Koran.
B. Reconstructed the Ottoman system of rule.
II. Suleiman’s Social Class System
1. Citizens were organized into four districts.
A. Men of the pen, sword, negotiation & the fields.
2. Higher citizens  special privileges.
3. Educated men held the highest rank.
A. Important advancements made in science,
architecture & literature.