If you are not one of those lucky people who have a photographic

If you are not one of those lucky people who have a photographic memory and
can remember everything you’ve read, you will need to revise for your exams.
It seems like a huge task.
It is!
But you can do a lot to help yourself make it easier....It’s not going to be easy....
Just easier.
Here is one simple idea;
Summarise your notes. Convert them into condensed packets of information.
These can be in the form of;
 Index/flash cards (note on front, example on back)
 Bullet pointed concise lists for someone to test you on (do this as a
powerpoint if you like using the computer)
 Mindmaps
 Recording the essential information onto mp3/jpeg format for mobile
I want you to think about some of the minutes you do nothing in each day…
Here are some you might not have though of…
Waiting for the kettle to boil/toaster to pop
Getting a lift in the car
Using public transport
Waiting for that friend who’s always late!
Not able to get to sleep
Using an appropriate condensed note format from the list above and going over
it could improve your ability to retain knowledge and also help pass the time!
I can hear you laugh…but seriously, I am sure you could account for an average of
30 minutes per day this way. This could be as much as 4 more hours a week of
note revision on top of your organised study schedule…worth thinking about?
Before going ahead please check your notes are accurate and complete.
If they are not, you have several sources from which to find out the missing
information; text books, teachers, other pupils, revision sites on the internet.
Check your understanding by discussing work with friends and teachers.