THESIS STATEMENT 9/30/10 By: Anderson

9/30/10 By: Anderson Henrique-Reyes
In the book “Krik? Krak!” by Edwidge Danticat there are deep or
hidden messages behind her wonderful pieces of writing work. She uses elements in her
stories such as characters and unanimated objects to deliver the message in each story to
the reader ,in some occasions the message could be about humanity, about Haiti, and
even some times about the title .it varies with each story.
For example in the story “wall of fire rising “the family in the
story was slowly tearing apart because of guy’s obsession with wanting to have a better
life by having a better job and the balloon. His son little guy also plays a role on this
separation of the family he as the smallest member of the family has memorized his lines
for his school’s play .After he had reed it out loud his dad felt disappointed on himself for
not having such a bright reality and that’s when the wall of fire rose between them
because that’s when he decide to kill himself.
In conclusion the book Krik? Krak! Is a collection of stories with
hidden messages were the characters and elements are used to deliver the message to the