Rough Draft essay- Nicholas Caruso

Rough Draft essay- Nicholas Caruso
Poverty can be a big problem. In this case, in Edwidge Danticats book,
Krik?Krak!, it is the biggest problem for every family, in every story. Poverty changes,
and effects people. It can make you do things that are out of character. In this book, it
really displays that. In many of the stories that we read, most of the people’s problems
were mostly based on their low income, or no income.
In the story, Wall of Fire Rising, the family’s problems are souly based on
poverty. Guy feels that he cannot provide for his family, he implies it several times. He
tells his wife that he does not want his son to work the jobs that he works because he
feels that they are not good enough. So he acts on his bad feelings, and kills himself. A
question I believe would be appropriate for this topic would be; would Guy have killed
himself if he had not been in financial trouble? Maybe, but probably not. He and his wife
showed that they were happy, happy with their son, and who he was going to become.
Had they been wealthy, there would have been no tragedy for that family.
In the story, Night Women, the main problem again, is poverty. She has to be a
prostitute to provide for her and her son. Again, that is a desperate act to make a buck.
We know that because she talks about her job very seldom. She is ashamed to have to sell
her body to make ends meat. People in Haiti and everywhere around the world will do
whatever it takes. But they don’t have to do things like that, she is showing that she has
basically given up and is lazy. She acts as though she is the victim, when she isn’t. She is
the one that is choosing not to hunt for a real job. She also hides it from her son which is
another thing that shows she is ashamed of what she does.
This book has taught me multiple lessons. I will never give up even if I am in a
financial situation. That is no reason to stop living, nor is it an excuse to not have a real
job. I know that if I am going to have a child, I have to be able to provide for it, and I will
not be selfish enough to have a child that I cannot provide for. I also now know that
poverty is just a potential, and that it does not have to happen, and that there are many
ways to prevent it