Skin Worksheet

Skin Worksheet
Revised 9/05
Label the skin structures and areas indicated by leader lines and brackets on the figure.
Select different colors for the structures below and color circles an the corresponding
structures on the figure.
Complete the following statements in the blanks provided.
Radiation from the skin surface and evaporation of sweat are two
ways in which the skin helps to get rid of body ___(1)_____.
Fat in the ___(2)____ layer beneath the dermis helps to insulate the
The waterproofing protein found in the epidermal cells is called
A vitamin that is manufactured in the skin is ____(4)____.
A localized concentration of melanin is ____(5)____.
Wrinkling of the skin is due to loss of the ____(6)_____ of the
A decubitus ulcer results when skin cells are deprived of
Using the key choices, choose all responses that apply to the following descriptions. Enter
the appropriate letter(s) or term(s) in the answer blank.
Key Choices:
A. Stratum corneum
D. Stratum lucidum
G. Epidermis as a whole
B. Stratum basale
E. Papillary muscle
H. Dermis as a whole
C. Stratum granulosum
F. Reticular layer
Translucent cells, containing keratin
Dead cells
___________________10. Dermis layer responsible for fingerprints
___________________11. Vascular region
___________________12. Epidermal region involved in rapid cell division; most
inferior epidermal layer
___________________13. Scale-like cells full of keratin that constantly flake off
___________________14. Site of elastic and collagen fibers
___________________15. Site of melanin formation
___________________16. Major skin area from which the derivatives(hair, nails) arise
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