Chapter 5 questions

Mr. Stephens
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Anatomy & Physiology
Chapter 5 Questions (Integumentary System)
1. Draw, label, color Figure 5-1, page 154.
2. List all of the functions of the skin (at least 7).
3. Distinguish between epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers.
4. Why is the epidermis keratinized?
5. What is the difference between thin and thick skin?
6. Using the key choice, choose the response that applies to the following descriptions.
Stratum basale
Stratum lucidum
Reticular layer
Stratum corneum
Stratum spinosum
Stratum granulosum Epidermis as a whole Papillary layer
Dermis as a whole
a) __________________________ Translucent cells, contain keratin
b) __________________________ Strata containing all or mostly dead cells
c) __________________________ Dermis layer responsible for fingerprints
d) __________________________ Vascular region
e) __________________ Epidermal region involved in rapid cell division, most inferior epidermal layer
f) __________________________ Scalelike cells full of keratin that constantly flake off
g) __________________________ Site of elastic and collagen fibers
h) __________________________ Site of melanin formation
i) __________________________ Major skin area from which the derivatives (hair, nails) arise
j) __________________________ Epidermal layer containing the oldest cells
k) __________________________ When tanned becomes leather
7. Identify each numbered structure (1-10) by labeling the following figure.
1 _____________________________
2 _____________________________
3 _____________________________
4 _____________________________
5 _____________________________
6 _____________________________
7 _____________________________
8 _____________________________
9 _____________________________
10 _____________________________
8. State the specific location of melanin observed in heavily pigmented skin.
9. What happens to skin exposed to excessive amounts of the sun?
10. The general public associates a tan with good health. What is wrong with this assertion?
11. How are stretch marks formed?
12. After a first date, a young man confides to a friend, “Every time I see her I get ‘goose bumps.’” What is
happening to the boy’s skin?
13. What is the difference between hair thinning and male pattern baldness?
14. What are some of the causes of hair thinning?
15. Why are nails pink?
16. What is scar tissue?
17. What is the difference between first, second and third degree burns?
18. How are tattoos made? What are the dangers of getting a tattoo?