Physical Science FLASHCARDS

Physical Science FLASHCARDS
Chapter 3 – The scientific process
1. Define Hypothesis, Theory and natural law and describe the relationship between
them with a flowchart.
2. What is an experimental variable & control variable? Give an example to explain
the answer.
3. What is Science & Technology? Example.
4. What is an experiment?
5. What is experimental technique & procedure? Example.
Chapter 1 - Measurement
6. Question 1 from Section 1.4 Review (Copy the question from the book in the card).
7. Draw 2 columns, label the 1st column SI and the 2nd column English system. Write
10 units in each column.
8. Convert 525 pounds to kg.
Chapter 2 – Science Skills
9. Define mass, matter & volume. Indicate the units.
10. What is density? Formula & Units.
11. What is the displacement method for calculating the volume? Explain the steps.
12. Explain the four steps to solve a formula problem. ( L – G – R – S) Example in the
right side
Chapter 4 – Motion
13. What is the dependent & independent variable in a graph? Draw a graph from the
textbook & indicate both of them.
14. Relationship between velocity, distance & time. Units.
15. The slope of a position vs time is the………………. Example
16. Question 8 from Section 4.2 Review (Copy the question from the book in the card).
Chapter 5 - Forces
17. Relationship between weight, mass & gravity. Units.
18. What is friction? Example with a drawing.
19. Indicate 3 terms that are vectors.
20. Draw & indicate the 4 forces acting on a plane.
21. Explain 5 types of friction. Examples.
Chapter 6 - Laws of motion
22. Write the Newton’s first law of motion. What is the inertia? Example.
23. Relationship between force, mass & acceleration in Newton’s second law of
motion. Units.
24. Explain Newton’s Third law of motion. Example.
Chapter 8 - Work & Power
25. What is the relationship between work, force & distance? Formula & Units.
26. What is the efficiency in %? Formula.
27. What is the relationship between power, work & time? Formula & Units.