Physics 12 Dynamics (Assignment #2)

Physics 12 Dynamics (Assignment #2)
1. Define the terms and answer the following questions; use the term vector and scalar in your definitions.
Also include a mathematical definition of the vector and scalar quantities discussed. You may use your
text (pg. 77 -91 in Giancoli, 5th Ed):
Net Force
Normal Force
Free Body Diagram
Newton’s First Law
Newton’s Second Law
Newton’s Third Law
2. Look on pg. 87. What is another term for Normal force?
3. Draw Fig. 4-19 (pg. 90); Use the Example (4-7) to solve the problem. Be sure to label your diagram
with the variables AND values of the components.
4. Draw a free body diagram (force diagram) showing the forces on a hockey puck sliding on frictionless
ice. Check your answer on pg. 91. Summarize the “Problem Solving” method for free body diagrams
on page 91 in your notes.
5. Complete example 4-9 (Normal force discussion), 4-10 (tension problem), 4-11 (pulleys), 4-12 (two
tension forces), 4-13 (components), 4-14 (friction), 4-15 (conceptual friction question), 4-16 (pulley and
tension), 4-17 and 4-18 (friction). In each problem, summarize the problem with a diagram and a VERY
short written question (point form), then solve paying close attention to free body diagrams and equation
6. Do the following problems from the text pg. 104 - 111: Choose 40 problems; do problems with
increasing difficulty (do III – level questions last). Also do 8 problems from 110 – 111.
You have been assigned 48 problems plus examples which are meant to help you to do the problems
assigned. DO NOT leave these until the end of the unit; DO NOT rely on your classmates to complete
them for you. You will be checked each day on your progress and you will be kept in outside of class
time to finish if you do not keep up! You will be given some class time, however, it is expected that you
will do most of this at home. It is a LOT of work, but if you work consistently, you should be able to get
it done in about 4 - 5 days in plenty of time to study for the unit test which will happen approximately 1
½ weeks from the beginning of the unit.
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