The Crucible Review Guide

The Crucible Review Guide
Directions: If you wish to do well on your test, I would complete these questions. You will see many of
them word for word on the multiple choice test you will take after we watch this film in class.
You may also want to read the play The Crucible in case you missed one of the questions on your
viewing of the film in class. (The play begins on p. 1099 of your Elements of Literature book.) Your test
will be on ________.
Act One
1. What is the definition of the word “crucible” as it applies to the play? (Hint: Look up the real
definition of a crucible in the dictionary, then you will know!)
2. Who is Reverend Parris’ niece?
3. What is Ann Putman’s greatest grief?
4. Why has John Hale been summoned to Salem?
5. Where and when does the play take place?
6. What does John Proctor predict will happen to Abigail before she is twenty?
7. What does Tituba say to save herself when she is accused of being a witch?
Act Two
8. Who is Mary Warren?
9. When he comes in from planting, what suggestion does John Proctor make to his wife concerning the
10. What reason does John Proctor give Reverend Hale for his absence from church?
11. Why does Hale come to the Proctor’s house?
12. As Elizabeth is led away to jail, what does John demand of Mary Warren?
13. Why does Proctor say he is reluctant to go to Salem and tell what Abigail said to him?
14. What is the strongest evidence against Goody Osburn?
15. What is the most probable reason people are being accused of witchcraft?
Act Three
16. What does Judge Hathorne ask Mary Warren to do in court that she cannot do?
17. What does Abigail Williams do as soon as Danforth begins to question her?
18. What does John Proctor tell the court about his wife?
19. Why does Mary seem to change her mind about telling the truth?
20. Why does Danforth not want to believe the girls’ accusations are false?
21. What is Elizabeth’s motivation for lying about John’s affair?
Act Four
22. What does John Hale urge Elizabeth Proctor to do?
23. Why does John Proctor tell Elizabeth he has not confessed to being a witch?
24. For what does Elizabeth blame herself?
25. What is implied by Elizabeth stating she kept a “cold house”?
26. What does John want from Elizabeth?
27. What is the one thing John cannot do with his confession?
28. What does John admit to in his confession?
29. What does the final scene between Elizabeth and John show?
30. Why does Danforth not want to postpone the hangings?
31. When John goes to the gallows and Elizabeth says that her husband has his “goodness now,” what
does she mean?
Cast of Characters (which was taken from
Cast (in credits order)verified as complete
Daniel Day-Lewis .... John Proctor
Winona Ryder
.... Abigail Williams
Paul Scofield
.... Judge Thomas Danforth
Joan Allen
.... Elizabeth Proctor
Bruce Davison
.... Reverend Parris
Rob Campbell
.... Reverend Hale
Jeffrey Jones
.... Thomas Putnam
Peter Vaughan
.... Giles Corey
Karron Graves
.... Mary Warren
Charlayne Woodard .... Tituba
Frances Conroy
.... Ann Putnam
Elizabeth Lawrence .... Rebecca Nurse
George Gaynes
.... Judge Samuel Sewall
Mary Pat Gleason
.... Martha Corey
Robert Breuler
.... Judge Hathorne
Rachael Bella
.... Betty Parris
Ashley Peldon
.... Ruth Putnam
Tom McDermott
.... Francis Nurse
John Griesemer
.... Ezekiel Cheever
Michael Gaston
.... Marshal Herrick
William Preston
.... George Jacobs
Ruth Maleczech
.... Goody Osborne
Sheila Pinkham
.... Goody Good
Peter Maloney
.... Dr. Griggs
Kali Rocha
.... Mercy Lewis