Technology Planning Committee - TPC
TPC Charge: To make recommendations on the development and use of instructional and information
technology. Specifically, members provide advice, input, and evaluation of issues to:
 Develop and maintain the Technology Plan;
 Recommend development and use of instructional and information technology;
 Recommend adoption of new academic technology, tools, and training;
 Evaluate and rank resource requests from PRC, forward summary to BPC
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Review minutes from last meeting
Change meeting time for next semester
Tracking technology purchases
o Program Review, Basic Skills Committee, Grants Office, Business Office?
It was advised that Pru in the Grants Office be contacted to make sure that tech items on all
grants are reviewed by IT. It was also advised that the Deans be consulted about the use of
their discretionary funds to determine how IT is involved.
Draft Technology Support Policy – Platform Support for Employee Computers (supporting doc)
o Next steps? Is an AP needed?
There was concern that the proposed draft would be too difficult to evaluate, and whether or
not the criteria listed were good ones. It was suggested that we ask Kimberly from College
Council for help finding a league template dealing with policy for platform support. Policies
from other schools should also be consulted.
Respondus Lock-Down Browser (Renner)
It was not clear if Respondus could be made part of the current standard image (need to
follow-up with Steven or Jose), and it was unclear if Respondus charged by FTES or by
license. If by license it makes more sense to purchase 30 to 40 licenses and put them on
computers to be used for proctoring.
Fall 2014 Planning Actions: Technology Plan & tech related items in Annual Plan
o Tracking items to be completed in fall
Reviewed, but should be looked at again with TSS (network IT members) present.
Technology Survey Results (supporting docs)
o Students, Faculty, Staff
Reviewed, but not discussed in detail, and most action items need TSS (network IT
members) present.