Chapter 6: Memory Study guide

Chapter 6: Memory
1. Encoding
2. Storage
3. Retrieval
4. 3-Stage Information processing model
5. Sensory memory
6. Iconic memory
7. Echoic memory
8. Short term memory
9. Chunking
10. Maintenance rehearsal
11. Elaborative rehearsal
12. Mnemonic device
13. Long term memory
14. Explicit memory
15. Implicit memory
16. Episodic Memory
17. Semantic memory
18. Procedural memory
Study guide
19. Acoustic memory
20. Visual memory
21. Amnesia
22. Explain the various short-term memory improvement strategies.
Provide examples and uses of each.
23. Long term memory: Provide examples of
semantic, episodic, procedural, and implicit memories.
24. Compare and contrast the two types of memory retrieval. Provide
examples of each.
25. Explain five different theories about why we forget.
26. What is the relationship between sleep and memory?
27. Which brain structures are involved in memory?
28. What is the memory trace?
29. What do the findings of Lashley and Thompson indicate about
memory localization and distribution in the brain?
30 How did researchers study the way neurons change when forming