9th Grade English—CP - East Penn School District

9th Grade English—CP
Ms. Jamie Ott
Emmaus High School
The purpose of this course is to foster student literary skills by
reading, analyzing, and responding in various ways to essays,
drama, short and long fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Grammar,
usage, and mechanics are reviewed and reinforced in addition to
the introduction of new concepts. Skills in thinking, listening,
speaking, and writing will be further developed.
To meet the goals and objectives of 9th Grade English, the student
1. Maintain a three-ring binder that contains literature notes, daily
language skills, vocabulary, grammar, usage, and reading
2. Attend class each day prepared with appropriate materials, texts,
and assignments for the day’s activities.
3. Participate actively, thoughtfully, and respectfully in class
4. Compose a minimum of one formal writing sample per quarter.
5. Submit all assignments on time.
6. Present individual and group reports to the class, including at
least one formal presentation
7. Complete all tests and quizzes or, if absent, make them up upon
return to school.
Class Rules
Always remember to follow the guidelines listed below. If you are
ever unsure about something, please ask.
1. Be ready. Upon entering the room, please be seated and begin
copying the notes that appear on the whiteboard into your binder.
2. Be prepared. It is your responsibility to bring your materials. If you
forget them, you will not be allowed to go to your locker to retrieve
3. Be respectful. Value your own contributions as well as those of
others. During discussions, listen carefully while others are speaking.
4. Be responsible. You are accountable for your learning. If you are
unsure of anything in class, please ask for help. When you are
absent, please see me about missed work upon your return.
First Quarter
Diagnostic testing
Review of the writing process
Summer reading assessment—in-class essay
Short stories
Literary terms
Reading strategies
SAT vocabulary, grammar, and usage
Second Quarter
Of Mice and Men
Persuasive Essay
Poetry—poetic devices and works
Reading strategies
SAT vocabulary, grammar, and usage
Independent novel
Third Quarter
Poetry—poetic devices and works
Literary Analysis
Research essay—skills, process, and research
Reading strategies
SAT vocabulary, grammar, and usage
Independent novel
Fourth Quarter
Romeo and Juliet
Research essay—final paper
Formal oral presentation
SAT vocabulary, grammar, and usage
Independent novel
Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes, Prentice Hall, 2005
Grammar and Composition Handbook, Level 9, Glencoe/McGraw Hill,
Vocabulary Power Plus, Book 1, Prestwick House, 2004
Each homework assignment, writing sample, quiz, test, and project
is given a specific number of points. Although each quarter is unique in
its offerings and responsibilities, a typical quarter may look like the
20 to 30 points per quiz
10 to 30 points per assignment
75 to 100 points per test
10 to 50 points per quiz
100 to 200 points per paper
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