Final Exam Study Guide-‐ Senior English

Final Exam Study Guide-­‐ Senior English-­‐CP Composition and Grammar Sections on the Exam  Grammar Usage and Mechanics (SAT style-­‐ multiple choice)  Subject-­‐ verb agreement  Pronoun-­‐antecedent agreement  Pronoun clarity  Commonly confused words • There/their/they’re • To/two/too • Knew/new • Effect/affect • Were/where • Then/than • Passed/past • See complete list in a grammar text or online resource  Adjective/adverb use  Modification (misplaced and dangling)  Parallelism  Fragments/run-­‐on sentences and comma faults  Comma use  Semi-­‐colon use  Apostrophe use  Revising and Editing  Usage, clarity, effectiveness, correctness, variety  Reading Comprehension  Understanding words through context  Determining the central point or main Idea  Locating and using key details for support  Making inferences and drawing conclusions  Understanding a writer’s craft  Essay writing  Reading and understanding a prompt  Brainstorming and completing a graphic organizer  Writing an essay (introduction, body, and conclusion)  Essay will be graded for its organization, support, sentence structure, word choice, and mechanics.