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Building A National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models
Created for the TCG-ASSITEJ/USA TEAM project by the Working Group.
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Grade________Subject____________Unit Title______________Lesson #______
Standards: What standard(s) will be addressed through this task?
Essential Question: What essential question(s) does the task address?
Learning Objectives: What skills, knowledge and understandings will be demonstrated to show
that standards were met?
Task Description: Through what performance task will students demonstrate understanding,
skills and knowledge related to the stated standards? What “role will the student assume for the
task and who will be the audience for the task?
Product/Performance: What product or performance will provide evidence of the applied
understandings, skills and knowledge?
Assessment criteria: By what criteria will the student performance be evaluated?
Building A National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models
Created for the TCG-ASSITEJ/USA TEAM project by the Working Group.
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Performance Assessment Tasks – Theatre Arts
A performance assessment task is an activity requiring students to demonstrate knowledge, skills
and understandings through creating a product or performance. The task allows students to apply
their learning to authentic contexts within a subject area.
Characteristics of a Performance Assessment Task
Requires application of skills, knowledge and understanding
Provides for multiple ways of learning and responding
Elicits problem solving strategies and critical thinking
Results in a product or performance that can be evaluated by an established set of criteria
Is highly relevant to the stated learning goals and objectives of the lesson and unit
Can be completed with the given time, materials, space and other resources available
Is clearly stated and defined for the learner
Is worthwhile of instructional time
Is viewed as a meaningful, challenging and appropriate measure of learning
Development of a Performance Assessment Task
Identify the skills, knowledge and understandings that the Performance Assessment Task will
measure, relevant to the stated curriculum standards and learning objectives.
Define the goal of the particular task.
Determine the “role(s)” that the student will assume in executing the task.
(Examples: playwright, actor, audience member, director
Determine the audience for the performance task
(Examples: peers, another class, parents)
Define and describe the product or performance that will be created and its purpose.
Determine the standards of success, including the elements and requirements for a successful
performance task. Prepare a Scoring Guide that will guide the evaluation of what the student
knows, understands and can do.
(Examples: task check list, analytic rubric, self evaluation form)
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