Book E Chapter 4.1 vocabulary & questions

7th Grade Science
Book E Environmental Science
Chapter Four: Environmental Problems and Solutions
Section One: Environmental Problems (pg 78-83)
For each word listed below, write the word on a piece of notebook paper, underline or
highlight the word and then write the definition after the word. (Students are encouraged
to take the definition from the actual text because that is the definition that will be used
on quizzes and tests).
hazardous waste
radioactive waste renewable resource
nonrenewable resource
exotic species
point-source pollution
nonpoint-source pollution
Answer each of the following questions on a piece of notebook paper, in a complete
sentence, restating the question in your answer. Failure to follow these rules will result in
the student having to rewrite the assignment to earn their points.
1. Are all pollutants man-made? Explain your answer.
2. Average Americans produce how much trash a week?
3. Why are CFC’s bad?
4. Where do CFC’s come from?
5. Why does the increased production of carbon dioxide
cause problems?
6. Why is it a bad idea for people to have and then release
exotic animals?
7. Give at least four reasons trees are important to humans.
8. What does caring for the environment mean?
9. Jodi’s family produces 48 kg of garbage each week.
What is the percentage decrease if they reduce the amount
of garbage to 40 kg per week?
10. Explain how each of the following can help people but
harm the environment: hospitals, old refrigerators and road
11. Explain how human population growth is related to
pollution problems.