Unit 5, Wk 5

Vocabulary and Definitions
 Define: the ability to do work.
 Example: Good food gives Ron and his grandpa lots of
energy to work together.
 Ask: Where do cars get their energy?
 Define: found in nature; not made by people.
 Example: Cotton is a natural material used to make
 Ask: Can you name a natural material that is used in
 Define: harmful materials that dirty or harm the
 Example: Water pollution, such as garbage and
chemicals, can harm animals.
 Ask: Can you name something that causes air
 Define: to make something.
 Example: The Sun can produce enough solar power to
heat this this family’s home.
 Ask: What word means the same as produce?
 Define: able to be made new again.
 Example: Trees are renewable resource because more
will always grow.
 Ask: What does the word renewable mean?
 Define: to fill in the place of.
 Example: Soon Tina will replace her car with one that
runs on electricity.
 Ask: Can you name something that you can replace?
 Define: where something comes from or begins.
 Example: Wind and solar power are two energy
sources we can use.
 Ask: What are your energy sources?
 Define: according to customs.
 Example: Cho and her mother like to eat traditional
foods, such as rice and fish.
 Ask: What is another word for traditional?