GO GREEN Project
1) What is environment?
Environment is our surrounding
2) Name 5 things that you can see in your environment?
Animals, birds, Trees, buildings an people
3) What are the four types of pollution?
Land, water ,sound, air
4) What causes land pollution? Name 01.
By throwing waste and chemicals in to the land
5) What causes air pollution?
By releasing gas in to the air
6) What causes water pollution?
By throwing waste and chemicals in to the water
7) What causes sound pollution?
By the loud noise of vehicles and factories
8) What is reducing?
Minimize the use of products
9) What is re-using?
Use products again and again .
10) What is recycling?
Change waste to make a new product
11) How do you keep your school clean and beautiful?
We clean the school every day and grow plants
12) How do you dispose garbage in the school?
We put garbage in to disposal barrels
13) How does the school control the use of polythine?
All the children use only plastic lunch boxes
14) What do we make by recycling garbage?
15) What does our partner school celebrate internationally?
Earth Day
16) What does our partner school do in Van Mahostava Ceremony?
They grow plants
17) How does our partner school promote the process of protecting nature to
the community?
By organizing a rally
18) Name one activity that our partner school do in their school?
Growing plants
19) How does our partner school control waste?
They collect waste in to garbage disposals
20) Name 01 activity that we can share with our partner school.
Power point presentations/quiz competitions