Personal Finance Final Exam Review

Personal Finance Final Exam Review—2nd Semester 2013-2014
Chapter 1—Wage, salary, tip, commission, entrepreneur, application letter, resume, networking (find out about
Chapter 2—Key terms—p. 34, know how to figure paycheck/taxes
Chapter 3—Financial plan; share, save, spend; types of taxes, philanthropy, altruism
Chapter 4—Budgeting, goals (short5, med10., long20), income fixed & variable expenses
Chapter 5—Key terms p. 120, different types of financial institutions, know how to reconcile bank statement
Chapter 6—Types of savings account, interest, APR (vocab is important—look over p. 168 vocab.)
Chapter 7—Terms very important on p. 172, know different kinds of stock, bonds & savings bonds, mutual
funds (advantages & disadvantages of each, different types of retirement plans, broker
Chapter 8—types of marketing strategies, key terms—p. 224
Chapter 9—types of public transportation, advantages/disadvantages of buying/leasing a car, how to finance a
car, terms on p. 248, where to get info when buying/selling a car, where to buy car
Chapter 10—Types of housing, equity, fixed rate/adjustable rate mortgage, offer/counteroffer, terms p. 276
Chapter 11—Brands, pull-date push-date, unit pricing, Terms p. 300
Chapter 12—caveat emptor, full/limited warranties, do not call list, pyramid schemes, BBB, arbitration,
(less than $1,500)--Small claims court/mediator, fraud/phishing
Chapter 13—adv/disadv of credit, identity theft, types of credit, grace period, debit cards, kinds & sources of
loans, loans to avoid
Chapter 14—terms p. 359, assets/liabilities/networth, credit bureau, money order, bankruptcy
Chapter 15—auto insurance - (liability, collision, comprehensive), premium, deductible, endorsement/rider,
exclusions, renter’s insurance, home insurance replacement cost.
Chapter 16—types of insurance: medical, dental & vision, worker’s compensation, disability, COBRA.
Premium, beneficiary, deductible. Life insurance—term life, whole life insurance