Spelling and Vocabulary List A Royal Mystery SPELLING awake

Spelling and Vocabulary List
A Royal Mystery
1. awake
2. feast
3. stray
4. greet
5. praise
6. disease
7. repeat
8. display
9. braces
10. thief
11. ashamed
12. sleeve
13. waist
14. beneath
15. sheepish
16. release
17. remain
18. sway
19. training
20. niece
1. Study all vocab words; you will be tested
on 5 random words.
2. Study the vocab strategy. Half of your
vocab test will test you on the strategy
learned that week.
1. interior- an inner part; inside
2. honored- proud to be given special respect or a special opportunity
3. primitive- simple, unsophisticated or crude
4. immersed- fully absorbed or occupied
5. contagious- spreading by direct or indirect contact
6. discomfort- a lack of comfort or ease
7. secretive- inclined to secrecy; tending to keep secrets
8. brandishing- to wave triumphantly or threateningly
9. bungled- to manage, do, or handle badly
10. imprinted- to make a mark or pattern on a surface by pressing or stamping
Vocabulary Weekly Strategy: Prefixes non-, un-, dis-, misPrefix- an affix attached to the beginning of a base word or word root that changes a word’s meaning
Non-, un-, dis-, and mis- are all prefixes that mean NOT or WRONG
Ex: nondairy= not dairy; uncomfortable= not comfortable; disagree= not agreeable; misplace= not in its
place, can’t find something.