Today's Science

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Today’s Science
News Service Database
• Science news, written for students,
updated twice a week
• National Science Education
Standards and a science fair guide
• “Need a Research Topic?”: summaries of key topics, linked to related
articles to jump-start student research
• Conversations with scientists:
first-person accounts of recent breakthroughs
• Rich resources: thousands of editorial
cartoons, photographs, diagrams, and
crossword puzzles
• Curriculum Tools: research tools,
activities, and assignments for students
and educators.
“Designed with classroom use in mind…a solid science source…presents
scientific topics in an engaging way.”—American Reference Books Annual
“…a true curriculum-oriented science resource…a solid reference
database…useful…”—School Library Journal
“…highly readable…addictive…a great introduction to current science
topics…solid, well-written, and entertaining…”—VOYA
Accurate, Engaging, and Timely Articles Written Especially
for Students
Today’s Science bridges the gap between the science taught in
the classroom and real-world discoveries. Updated twice a week,
Today’s Science gives in-depth explanations of important advances
in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and
technology, and features interviews with the scientists doing the
research. A 19-year backfile lets students see how one scientific
advance leads to another; the stories focus on the questions scientists ask themselves, and in doing so, reinforce science educators’
traditional emphasis on the scientific method.
• Extensive biographies, focusing on more
than 2,000 scientists—from historic
figures to modern-day innovators
• Pop-up glossary
• Searchable Science Encyclopedia
• Links to related news coverage and
encyclopedia entries
• Persistent record links
• Citations display in MLA style,
with APA guidelines.
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