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H i g h li g h ts:
• Science news, written for
students, updated twice a week
• National Science Education
Standards and a Science
Fair Guide
• “Need a Research Topic?”:
summaries of key topics linked to
related articles to jump-start student
• rich resources: thousands
of editorial cartoons, photographs,
diagrams, and crossword puzzles
• Conversations with scientists: first-person accounts of recent breakthroughs
“Designed with classroom use in mind…a solid science source…presents
scientific topics in an engaging way.”—American Reference Books
“…a true curriculum-oriented science resource…a solid reference database…useful…”—School Library Journal
Accurate, Engaging, and Timely Articles Written
Especially for Students
Today’s Science bridges the gap between the science taught in the classroom
and real-world discoveries. Updated twice a week, Today’s Science gives
in-depth explanations of important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology, and features interviews
with the scientists doing the research. An 18-year backfile lets students see
how one scientific advance leads to another; the stories focus on the questions scientists ask themselves, and in doing so, reinforce science educators’
traditional emphasis on the scientific method.
• Curriculum Tools: research
tools, activities, and assignments for
students and educators.
F eatu r es:
• Extensive biographies, focusing on more than 2,000 scientists—
from historic figures to modern-day
• Pop-up Glossary
• Searchable Science Encyclopedia
• Links to related news coverage and
encyclopedia entries
• Persistent record links
• Citations display in MLA, 7th Edition
style, with APA guidelines.
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