Observation and Measurement

Notes - Observation and Measurement
Observation: The Basis of Scientific Research
Observation is ________________________________________________________________
All scientists have a certain way of ______________________________________ the world.
Scientific investigations begin with _____________________________________.
Observations cause scientists to _________________________________________
Qualitative observations use _________________________________, such as, color, shape, texture, odor, etc.
Using scientific tools
There are many tools used by scientists for making observations, including
 microscopes
 ____________________________
 spectroscopes
 particle ______________________________
 computers
Units of Measurement
SI units are used for ______________________.
Scientists use the International System of Units (SI)
to make ____________________________________________________________________
SI (Le Système Internationale d’Unités)
SI prefixes are for ________________________ and _________________________ measurements.
Making measurements
Many observations rely on _________________________________ measurements.
Quantitative observations are based on _______________________________.
Length a measure of the straight-line distance between _______________________________
Mass a measure of the amount of ____________________________ in an object
Volume a measure of the size of a body or region in _________________________________
Weight a measure of the _____________________________________ exerted on an object
Math Skills
Conversions A roll of copper wire contains 15 m of wire. What is the length of the wire in centimeters?