Study Guide: Scientific Method and Lab Safety Test

Study Guide Test: Scientific Method and Lab Safety
1. In a science lab classroom setting contact lenses should not be worn, especially when
working with chemicals
2. Symbols may indicate warnings in the science lab classroom.
A= poisonous, B= combustible, C= hot, D= Fumes
3. If a student sees something that is a violation of safety guidelines then they should report
dangerous behavior to the teacher
4. A fire extinguisher may be used following the directions: pull the pin, aim, squeeze, and sweep
5. Food and drink are not permitted in laboratories because they may become contaminated
with toxic substances.
6. If you have an accident and instructed to use the eye wash you must hold your eyes open and
flush them for at least 15 minutes with assistance from a classmate or teacher
7. You should always read the directions and be prepared by your teacher before you start a
8. Scientists use observations and data to form and test hypotheses.
9. During an experiment, dependent variables are observed and measured.
10. When forming hypotheses scientists are most likely to consider the data and conclusions of other
scientists to propose new experiments.
11. If you repeat an experiment and the results are very different from the results you got the first
time, the next step would be to repeat the experiment again to ensure validity.
12. Science is a form of inquiry because scientists trying to understand the world around them start
by asking questions.
13. A hypothesis must be testable using an experiment to support or reject it.
14. The condition that is manipulated by a scientist is the independent variable.