Views of Nature of Science Survey

Views of Science Survey
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Secondary Version
1. In your view, what is science?
2. What kinds of things do scientists do?
3. What is an experiment?
4. Do scientists have to do experiments to get more scientific knowledge or can they do other things?
If no, what other things can they do?
5. After scientists have developed a scientific theory (like atomic theory, evolution theory), does the
theory ever change? Why or why not?
6. Is there a difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law? Give an example if you can.
7. Sometimes, two different scientists have two very different ideas about how something like the
dinosaur extinction happened. If they both are looking at the same information, why don’t they
8. Some people think that science IS affected by people’s values, and other people say that science IS
NOT affected by values. What do you think?
9. Do you think scientists use their creativity and imagination during their investigations? Why or why