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Why License?
Return On Investment
The cost of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is approximately $3,000
per person in a public workshop. If you were to train 100 employees the
total cost would be around $300,000. Juran’s licensing program allows you
to train those 100 employees for only $50,000. Your organization will save
approximately 80% on the total cost of training for 100 employees using a
Juran license.
The Juran License Tool Kit
Juran’s Licensing Program Tool Kit includes:
1. Instructor Files. Each Juran program includes
instructor presentation slides, participant
workbook, exercises, handouts, and a case study
specific to the learning level, all produced in
Microsoft Office®.
2. Participant Files. Each license includes a disc of the worksheets and
templates needed for project deliverables, exercise data in Microsoft®
Excel and Minitab® (as appropriate), a step-by-step final report requirements list to ensure successful project completion, and a PowerPoint reporting template for ease in presenting project information to management.
Client Feedback:
“Juran takes accountability for their
results, while they come in and bring
their knowledge as mentors, or as
subject matter experts training your
people. But they also stay with you
until your results are delivered and
- Alex Eksir, former Vice President
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems,
Mission Assurance Executive
3. Train-the-Trainer. Juran staff is available to “Train-the-Trainer” on-site in the proper use of the program materials, and help your professionals learn best practices for teaching others using the materials.
All Juran Programs are IACET-approved:
The International Association for Continuing Education and Training
(IACET) accreditation is the quality standard learners seek when choosing
a provider. The ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard is the core of thousands of
educational programs worldwide.
Juran’s IACET-approved training materials contain
academic and professional content complemented
by industry specific examples. Our materials provide
the knowledge and techniques, as well as the tools to measure the results
of customer-focused initiatives, thus providingquantifiable value.
The Source for Training Materials
The Source for Breakthrough
Some of the Programs Available for Licensing
Lean Enterprise:
The Lean training materials provide learning on key concepts and
instruction on making value flow without interruption, reducing
wastes, and driving–out variation. The training materials provide stepby-step instruction on how to apply principles to Rapid Improvement
Events or Kaizens.
Lean Six Sigma:
If your organization is interested in combining two powerful
methodologies for problem solving then Juran’s Lean Six Sigma training materials will provide the approach and framework. Lean
methods and tools will be presented to reduce waste and Six Sigma
methods and tools to improve process effectiveness. Executive and
Champion materials will provide the instruction for leaders to deal
with the practical day-to-day human, structural, and technological issues which arise when initiating Lean Six Sigma efforts. Belt training materials provide key concepts, instruction and examples of
when and how to use Six Sigma tools, and conduct Lean Six Sigma
Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA)
If your organization is struggling to diagnose and remedy root causes
of process problems then Juran’s RCCA training materials will provide
an effective problem solving framework using basic quality
improvement tools. The materials provide step-by-step instruction on
how to conduct a root cause analysis using real case examples.
Faclilitating & Leading
Improvement Teams (FLIT)
Do you want to train staff to be good team members and support quality improvement projects? If yes, then Juran’s training materials
will provide the basic concepts and tools for leading and facilitating
breakthrough improvement teams. The materials present ways to
gather data, participate in problem solving and process mapping, and
sustain the gains resulting from improvement projects.
Quality Improvement Tools
Juran’s training materials have been used for decades to provide professionals a practical, how-to guide covering ten of the most useful
tools for quality improvement. The depth of coverage and breadth
of the applications are only available here. Each chapter introduces
a different tool and follows the outline of concept, examples, how to
interpret, when to use, how to construct, exercises, and summary.
Executive, Lean Master, Kaizen, Rapid
Improvement, and Juran’s 6S Program
Executive, Champion, Yellow, Green,
Black, and Master Black Belt
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