Case Study – Electronic Arts (EA) Switzerland

Case Study – Electronic Arts (EA) Switzerland
Industry: Entertainment - Campaign Period: 20.11.2008 – 09.12.2008
Generate Awareness & Branding for the launch of the game: “Need for Speed Undercover”
Promotion of the game and the new Renault Megane Coupé
Use of td Reach Entertainment & News & Media Channels (Ad Network) to generate traffic
and reach in all regions of Switzerland (D/F/I), and to reach relevant target groups. Ongoing
optimization with respect to the best video-play-rate and cost-per-play-rate.
“TD has efficiently
adapted the campaign
to our specific needs
because of their broad
and profound
knowledge of online
business, resulting in an
efficient impact.”
Nelly Kind-Häusler
Head of Consumer
Impressions: 1’589’612
Clicks: 4013
Click-Through- Rate: 0.25%
Video Performance:
16569 Video Plays (Play-Rate: 1.04%)
10’601 Middle of Video (Middle Rate: 63.98%)
7’865 End of Video (End-Rate: 47.47%)
507 Full screen Plays (Full screen-Rate: 3.06%)
Effective cost per Video-Play: CHF 1.22
The result has surpassed the expectations from the client.
Success Factor:
Constant monitoring and optimization of the campaign within the short online run time