Proceedings of Annual Switzerland Business Research Conference

Proceedings of Annual Switzerland Business Research Conference
12 - 13 October 2015, Novotel Geneva Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
ISBN: 978-1-922069-86-3
The Application of Social and Value Marketing in Performance
Management & Human Resource Development: The Case of
KAYRA Fashion
Sam Toglaw
This study explores the application of marketing principals to promote universal values and
positive behavior in a workplace in order to elevate and manage the performance of
employees. KAYRA was chosen as a case study. It is an international fashion company whose
core values are tightly aligned with its business strategy. A one-month social marketing
campaign was conducted in three branches: Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. It targeted the workers in
eight boutiques and focused on the promotion of work related values and positive behavior
such as punctuality, honesty, altruism, cooperation, accountability, diligence, teamwork,
proactive behavior and customer service.
Two performance indicators were chosen: number of customers served and sales volume
(expressed in the number of units sold in each boutique). Data was compared and analyzed
over three months, one month before the campaign and one month during the campaign and
one month after the campaign. The results indicated an average increase of 20% in the
number of customers served by sales workers who were exposed to the promotion campaign.
In addition, the average number of units sold in the participating boutiques increased 5.6%.
Although this is a small increase in comparison to the former performance indicator, the study
opens up horizons for the marketing of work related values and positive behaviors as a
technique to manage the performance of employees in a work environment. The study
recommends implementing social and values marketing campaigns as a continuous program
for performance management and human resources development.
Keywords: Values based marketing, social and idea marketing, performance management,
human resource management.
Field of Research: Human Resources, Marketing
Sam Toglaw, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, School of Business, The Australian College
of Kuwait PO Box 1411 Safat, 13015, Kuwait,