Starbucks Youth Action application form

Starbucks Youth Action application form
Greater London (within M25), Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh,
Newcastle, Belfast, Dublin
Things to consider before you apply:
a. You must be aged between 16-24
b. Your project should be located in one of the above cities
c. Consider what support you have
d. If your project is selected, you will be asked to come to a training day
e. You must explain how your project makes a real difference to the local community
f. Remember! SYA is to help small local projects get off the ground. See guidelines for more info
g. Please be aware that if your project requires certain ‘deal breakers’ in place for it to run, this must
already be established. E.g. if you need to get permission from the council to use their land, this
must already be in place.
First Name:
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):
Contact telephone number:
Alternative contact telephone number:
Email address:
Your address:
Name of your project:
Last Name:
Starbucks Youth Action application form
About Your Project:
1. How many young people are involved in your project (including yourself )?
2. How many young people will benefit from your project?
people in your community. It is important you give us as much detail as possible:
a. What is your idea?
b. What is unique about it?
c. Where will it take place?
d. Describe the project activity in more detail.
Starbucks Youth Action application form
4. How will your project benefit your community?
5. If your application was successful how long will it take to get your project up and
running and when would your project go live?
6. Budget: use the box below to tell us what your total project budget is and how much
you are requesting from Youth Action. Please note, we cannot pay for staff cost. Then
use the budget sheet to fill out a more detailed budget plan.
Total project budget:
Amount requested from Youth Action:
7. If your project costs more than we can fund, where else could you get funding
or support from?
Starbucks Youth Action application form
8. Other than funding, what else do you need to make your project happen?
E.g. Volunteers, refreshments etc.
9. If you are under 18 years of age, please provide details of an adult supporting
the pr oject:
Name of worker/leader:
Position held in group
or organisation:
Name of youth group/school/college/young person’s project you belong to:
Contact details for lead worker from this organisation
Email address:
Contact telephone number:
Please sign below to confirm that this application is your own idea and that you will be
happy to feature in the promotion of Starbucks Youth Action.
Submit your application to or
Budget – Please complete this budget sheet which asks you to itemise total project costs. There is a separate column for items you would like Youth Action to
fund and costs which will be covered through other means (in kind/different grants).
Youth Action can pay grants of up to £2000 or €2000. Your grant cannot be used towards staffing costs.
Item - (eg venue hire) Use headings
that best describe the activity
Amount sought
through Youth
Action funding
Amount to be
funded from other
Non-Youth Action source eg, own funding, local
Have you secured other
funding needed? If not
when do you hope to
have this by?
Total project cost
Total of Youth
Action funding
requested (B)
Total of funding
from other sources
Please send your application to UK Youth ( or
Irish Youth Foundation (