Quiz 2

Group 2 Chapter 2 Quiz questions
1. What does the “S” stand for in the SWOT analysis?
A. Simple
B. Strengths
C. Strategic
D. Small
2. Which 2 Categories fall under the External assessment in the SWOT Analysis?
A. Opportunities, Threats
B. Weaknesses, Strengths
C. Threats, Strengths
D. Opportunities, Weaknesses
3. Define the Marketing Plan..
A. a written document that acts as a guidebook of marketing activities for the
B. Designing activities relating to marketing objectives and the changing marketing
C. The Process of anticipating future events and determining strategies to achieve
organizational objectives in the future
D. All of the Above
4. Which one is not a “P” of the Four Ps..
A. Product
B. Place
C. Promotion
D. Package
5. What is an example of a Good Marketing Objective?
A. Do NOT motivate employees
B. Force executives to clarify their money
C. Communicate marketing management philosophy
D. All of the Above
6. What is an example of Sustainable Competitive advantages?
A. Government documents
B. Patents
C. Memorandums
D. Locations
E. Or D & B
7. What are sources of Cost Reduction?
A. Efficient Labor
B. Reengineering
C. No-Frills products
D. Product Design
E. All of the above
8. Which one does not belong under the Ansoff’s Opportunity Matrix?
A. Market Penetration
B. Market Efficiency
C. Product Development
D. Diversification
E. None of the Above
9. What is Strategic Planning?
A. The managerial process of creating and maintaining a fit between the
organizations objectives and opportunities?
B. The process to plan how much money you are going to make
C. To plan of processing how to travel to Europe
D. All of the above
10. Which option falls under Present Market and Present Product?
A. Starbucks develops powdered instant coffee called Via
B. Starbucks sells more coffee to customers who register their reloadable Starbucks
C. Starbucks opens stores in Brazil and Chile
D. Starbucks launches Hear Music and buys Ethos Water.