M0084 – Sistem Informasi dalam Manajemen

M0084 – Sistem Informasi dalam Manajemen
Running Case – Group Assignment
Performing a Competitive Analysis for Dirt Bikes
Software requirements:
1. Web browser software
2. Word processing software
3. Electronic presentation software
Dirt Bikes’ management would like to make sure it is pursuing the right competitive
strategy. You have been asked to perform a competitive analysis of the company, using
the Web to find the information you need.
Prepare a report that analyzes Dirt Bikes using the value chain and competitive forces
models. You report should include the following:
1. What activities at Dirt Bikes create the most value?
2. How does Dirt Bikes provide value to its customers?
3. What other companies are Dirt Bikes’ major competitors? How do their products
compare in price to those of Dirt Bikes? What are some of the product features
they emphasize?
4. What are the competitive forces that can affect the industry?
5. What competitive strategy should Dirt Bikes pursue?
6. Use electronic presentation software to summarize your findings for management.