Prepared for Dirt Bikes USA
A presentation by Marquis Whitaker, Jessica Wasik and Marcy Zitz
for Professor Klingaman
Business Continuity Plan
A complete and comprehensive audit of
the business operations as well as
procedures are necessary due to the
wide variety of variables that could
prevent the business from operating at a
fully functional pace or worse cause its
 Procedures must be in place for swift
actions to be taken in response to a
catastrophic event.
Business Continuity Plan, cont.
An excellent starting point for creating a
disaster recovery plan is through
initiating a comprehensive business
audit or having a business consultation
and evaluation performed.
 During the assessment, risks should be
assessed to anticipate the different
forms of disasters that may occur and
their potential impacts.
Threats to Business Continuity
Power Outage
 Vandalism
 Telecommunications Disruption
 Theft/Burglary
Before Disaster Strikes
Business Interruption insurance to
reduce loss of income
 Loss insurance
 Disaster Recovery Team should be in
place before disaster strike
Power Outages
Backup generators
 Prewired into the main electrical box
 Emergency flood lights
 Battery operated lighted exit signs
Backup Facility
 Storage for parts, old assembly line and old
operational equipment.
 Telecommuting to facilitate back office functions.
 House portable phone operations (VOIP) with
remote access points.
Power Outages, cont.
Emergency Notification Systems
 Contact employees, management and
Virtual phone systems, call forwarding
Facilities should be outfitted with dark
colors – easier to cover graffiti
 Locks, gates, fences, landscaping,
security theft deterrent signs
 Plexiglas windows
 Vandalism warning signs
 Maintenance plan
Computer Security
Prevention is key
 Firewalls
 Virus protection
 Spam filters
 Secure passwords
 Train employees on security issues
 Limit employee use of Internet
Natural Disasters
Evacuation plan
 Fire prevention and planning
 Offsite storage
 Fireproof materials
Earthquake preparation
 First aid equipment and training
Telecommunications Disruptions
Assure communications systems will be
available under most circumstances
 Alternate forms for in-house
communication, such as two-way radios
or walkie talkies
 Mobile services like mobile internet
access, laptop computers and cell
Telecommunications Disruptions, cont.
Use of free services such as Skype or
Yahoo for voice, video, and webcam
when conferencing and collaborating
 Data recovery and backup service
Protecting company assets should be a
major priority
Security systems to monitor theft, fire,
smoke, carbon monoxide detection and
water system monitoring
RFID chips to track bikes and parts,
shipping progress
Camera security systems
Paper shredding
Security procedures – locking schedules
Privacy Policy
Each state has laws regarding the use
of customer information obtained
through an organization’s website or
through transactions.
 A privacy policy regarding customersupplied information should be
Privacy Policy, cont.
Several resources are available to assist
in development:
 www.p3pwiz.com
 www.TRUSTe.com
Any Dirt Bikes USA webpage requesting
customer information should have a link
to the policy.
 Customers should have access to the
formal policy in hard copy, if requested.
Equal Employment Policy
Create a formal written policy to protect
against any claims by current/former
 Check current insurance coverage for
the proper amount of employment
practices coverage and litigation
expense coverage.
Legal Matters
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) applies to publicly
traded companies.
 Dirt Bikes USA is privately-held; therefore SOX
is not currently applicable.
 However, security of information in databases is
 Legally, Dirt Bikes USA is required to produce
data in the event of a discovery request.
 Should Dirt Bikes USA decide to go public, new
financial practices may need to be implemented
regarding disclosures in the financial statements
and management responsibilities.
Legal Matters, cont.
Patriot Act allows government agencies
unprecedented access to business records
 Passed in 2001 as a part of the war on
 Regardless of opinion on Constitutionality,
accurate customer and financial records must
be maintained.
 If a reasonable request for information is made
under the Patriot Act, cooperation is advised.
 If an unreasonable request for information is
made under the Patriot Act, consult legal experts
before releasing information.
Green Computing
More Than A Buzz Word
Save Money
 Use less energy to power computers
○ Less kilowatts = less money
 Lower cooling costs for rooms with
 Longer equipment life
Not Expensive to Implement
When selecting new equipment,
consider the energy efficient model
 Select the least computing power
needed or use thin clients
 Reduce printing by re-thinking
convenient printer locations
 Automatically power down equipment
when not being used
 Overnight, weekends, holidays
Implementation, cont.
Increase air flow to cool equipment
 Teleconference to save transportation
 Telecommuting for certain employees to
reduce needed office space
 IT controlled lighting, heating, and
cooling for facilities
Good For The Environment
Equipment lasts longer so there is less
in the landfills
 Less use of electricity, so less harmful
 Less cooling energy costs
Use As A Marketing Tool
Showcase your green initiatives
 Counteract negative impacts caused by
our products
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