Scroll Saw

1. Operate only with the instructor’s permission and after you have
received instruction.
2. Remove jewelry, eliminate loose clothing, and confine long hair
3. Make sure all guards are in place and operating properly
4. Always use proper eye protection
5. Make all adjustments with the power off.
6. Be sure the hold down foot is pressing lightly on the work piece and the
work piece is held tightly against the table.
7. Make sure the blade is tight and in good condition by gently tapping a push
stick against the blade.
8. Guide the material slowly through the machine with both hands, keeping
fingers away from the cut line.
9. Chose the correct blade and correct speed for the material to be cut and for
the smallest radius required.
10. If the blade breaks, turn the machine off and tell the instructor immediately.
11. Always hold the material firmly against the table.
12. Never allow your hands to come within 2” of the blade.
Scroll Saw
Safety Rules